Music Careers For Your Personality Type

Music Careers For Your Personality Type #Infographic

Don’t forget your personality. It can also dictate which areas you would better succeed in in the music industry.

Radio Airplay

Discover The Keys To Radio Airplay For DIY Musicians

Getting radio airplay isn’t a dice roll. It’s not a matter of doing multi-million dollar promotion campaigns, especially not in public or indie radio (where your attention should be if you’re a DIY artist).

Highs And Lows Of The Music Industry

Understanding The Highs And Lows Of The Music Industry

Singer-songwriter and dancer, Junior Wright, shares some of his insights on the struggles and perseverance required in the music industry.

Brandon Breitenbach

Brandon Breitenbach On Getting Booked Through An App With Pare Booking

Brandon Breitenbach, the founder of Pare Booking, talks on how their app works, his mission to offer booking services to all performing music acts, and more.

Alex Cowles

Alex Cowles (Stillhead) On Why You Probably Haven’t Produced Enough Music Yet

Alex Cowles, a.k.a. Stillhead, talks on his new How To Self Release course, changing artist names, tips to send music to labels, branding tips, and much more.

Music Sync Licensing Contracts

Music Sync Licensing Contracts: Three Key Terms

Are you a musician who has been offered a sync licensing contract and aren’t sure whether it is fair or not? Don’t worry because you’re not alone!