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Twicc: ‘We Want To Connect People Through Twitter And Music’

twicc is a new music discovery app for iOS, which plays Spotify songs matched with users’ tweets. In this text, we take a look at the app and interview one of it’s developers, Yusuke Ariyoshi.

Music Production Evolution: The Rise Of Digital vs. The Vinyl Revival

Music Production Evolution: The Rise Of Digital Vs. The Vinyl Revival

In this infographic, we’ll delve into how and why the cult following for vinyl has resurfaced in this booming digital age. Alongside this, we’ll question the popularity of digital and what this could mean for the music industry.

Future Of Music Coalition

Who Shapes Our Culture? Do You?

An essay on the the Future of Music Policy Summit 2014, putting the artist perspective front and center.

Soundcloud Artist Abigail Press Bringing Online Collaborations Offline #Podcast

Soundcloud Artist Abigail Press: Bringing Online Collaborations Offline #Podcast

In this We Spin Recipes podcast Abigail Press, an electronic music producer and singer based in Brooklyn, NYC, shared her insights on using Soundcloud, Kickstarter, and building a community of like-minded people.

SAtN21 Zoo Labs

Anna Acquistapace On The Zoo Labs Music Residency #SAtN

In this Stand Above The Noise conversation, Anna explained how the Zoo Labs Music Residency works, why such support is important for any musical project and the reason they don’t accept solo artists without teams to their program. logo – Song Promotion On Streaming Services aims to provide up-and-coming artists with a way to get noticed. Will the platform manage to breach the music industry?