Free Ebook: 10 Truths About ‘Making It’ In Music

We are happy and proud to present you the first ever Dotted Music ebook, called “10 Truths About ‘Making It’ In Music: From Musicians Who Already Made It“. Several months in the works, this 50+ pages report was written by Dotted Music’s Ben Brown.

"10 Truths" cover

The ebook is inspired by 10 quotes of successful musicians, including members of OK-Go, Puddle Of Mudd, Anthrax, Dire Straits, as well as Jared Leto and more. These quotes were taken from interviews you could have read on this blog throughout the past year.

“10 Truths” is free to download and to share. It is our gift to artists trying to build their careers in the rapidly changing music industry.

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What people are saying

Most books about the business of music are written by businessmen and women, which is fine, but “10 Truths About ‘Making It’ In Music” isn’t. It’s written by articulate and passionate musicians who are out there “doing it”, instead of complaining about things. I love this honest and helpful e-book… and it’s free for god’s sake. Get it! - Christopher Knab, Co-author of Music Is Your Business

The insights shared by all in the book were a combination of myth busting and groundbreaking which made complete sense. The most helpful for me personally had to do with social networking websites and the mentality of a fan. - Chris Dicks

I really enjoyed this book! I learned a lot and couldn’t put it down! Artists need to know how to cover the business side of music as well as the artistic side. This book helps with that. - Julia Dettwiler of LUNAR ROGUE

I just finished reading the ebook, honestly I think this book might of changed my life, it has given me hope that one day I can be a successful musician! I can’t even describe to you the excitement I’m feeling right now! - Yanming Yu

“10 Truths About Making It In Music” is nothing if not inspiring. I wish it was around 10 years ago. I must say after reading the e-book I am much more pumped about getting our music out of the basement and into the world. - Dominick Nole

I like how it pointed out that bands can still make it in the music industry, and made it known that it needs to be done in a completely different way. The e-book also gave me a lot of insight on how to manage my own band. I liked the sites the e-book listed as well. Sometimes, it is hard to find good quality websites that will help a band succeed. The e-book made that part a lot easier. Overall, I believe the e-book has helped learn a lot about how to do things in the music industry. I go back to it whenever I am making a tough business decision regarding my band and it really does help. - George Naef

You are only few steps away from getting your own copy of “10 Truths About ‘Making It’ In Music“. Grab it!

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