Obscura Give Their Latest Album A Second Birth With A Tab Book

UUpon announcement of Obscura’s full US tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Augury, and Hatesphere, the band will also be releasing an official tablature book this January 5th to their critically acclaimed Relapse Records release, Cosmogenesis.

The 145-page book contains the full tablature for all rhythm and lead guitar tracks on the album, expanded album artwork, track by track commentary and an introduction from the band, as well as a digital download of Cosmogenesis which includes isolated rhythm guitar and solo tracks, and more.

Obscura's Cosmogenesis cover

What gives a cool twist about this is all the added bonuses. The artwork on Cosmogenesis is incredible, and fans of the band should definitely check out the expanded artwork. The other huge bonus I like is the fact that a digital download of Cosmogenesis with isolated rhythm guitar and solo tracks is included. I mean, it really gives a complete package here.

The one thing I wish is that bass tablature would have been included somehow. Seeing the technical shredding death metal virtuosity that Obscura unleashes, each member brings such a unique talent, and if you listen closely, bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling really makes his bass a lead, counter attacking the guitars with such brilliance!

Anyway, all of you guitar players need to pick up this sweet deal, and shred along/attempt to shred along.