Reader’s Wives: ‘No Point In Being Good At Music, And No Good At Business’

HHere is an excerpt from UG interview with Reader’s Wives’ frontman Niall James Holohan, recently conducted by Robert Gray. The only thing I want to add to the words below is that this Dublin rock band’s manager, who I met at MIDEM in January, is really good at what he’s doing. But as they say, four eyes see better than two.

Reader’s Wives

Do you study how the music industry works? You seem to have a lot more knowledge about the music industry than some other musicians.

Yeah. I kind of made it my business. When I was younger and was doing the acoustic stuff, I had something musical to contribute, but didn’t really know where to start. I just got out among the conventions, and as a manager myself. At the time I did that, the whole digital thing was breaking, which everybody knows has turned the music industry on its head. But what I came away with as an artist was that I really need to know what I’m doing in a business sense. There’s no point in being good at music, and being no good or not knowledgeable about the business side.

We have a manager now as I said, but it’s still good for an artist to be knowledgeable enough to be able to talk to their manager on that level. I think most artists think that way now, but for some reason, they don’t want to be seen as boring to know a little bit about it, but I see it as exciting. It’s exciting to think that you can own everything, and still make great music. There’s something finally very punk rock about that; punk rock was a burst of energy, but it was supported by a major label system. What we have now is as good a burst of energy, but we can own it all.

Watch the Reader’s Wives video for “Victor’s Mother Juliet“: