Strategic Marketing Ideas To Sell Your CDs

AAs an independent musician, you are the person responsible for marketing your CDs to your fans. This can take a lot of time and energy, but if you work smarter, you may be able to maximize your efforts so you don’t have to spend all your time trying to get those CDs sold. The first item of importance when selling any product is that you have a good product to sell — so be sure your recording is the highest quality for your budget, and be sure to use a CD printing company that gives you a fair price for a high-quality product. Once you have a CD worth selling, you can concentrate on the best ways to sell it.

Not every sales method will be right for you, and some will rob you of your time without helping you sell much. Strategic marketing means you will hone in on those particular marketing techniques that are best suited to you, your act, and your audience. It might take some trial and error, but focus your attention on the things that are working for you, and don’t waste time on things that aren’t productive. That said — here are some marketing ideas that might give you some results.

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Have A CD Release Show

The best time to sell your CD is when it is first released. Generate a buzz and build some anticipation about your new record, then schedule a show around the release date. Play songs from your new record, and invite people to buy the CD at your merchandise table. If possible, offer extra incentives, like a discount for the evening, or free additional merchandise. Some indie artists have even sold out their first printing at their release shows.

Sell CDs At Eevery Live Show

Once you have a CD, you should never play live without having CDs available for sale. Other than your release show, the best time to sell to fans is right after they’ve heard you play.

Sell CDs At Online Outlets

Statistically, the more places you can sell your product, the better. Get your CD up for sale on websites like CD Baby, or even at your own website. Use the social networks to spread the word about where your CD is available, and include hyperlinks to those sites.

Sell CDs In Independent Record Stores

There are record stores that specialize in indie music; if you have one of these stores in your area, see if they will let you do a live set in the store as a promotion. You can also check independent stores around the country, especially in other places where you play, to see if they will stock your record.

Once you have your CD up for sale in several places, strategic marketing will focus more attention on those outlets that are actually producing sales. If a particular store or online outlet is selling more product, give them more product — and pull product from places where they aren’t selling. In this way, you’ll sell more CDs with less effort overall.

Larry Mitchell works for Mixonic, a leading CD duplication service.