Apple’s New Social Network Ping Hits A Few Bumps In The Road

LLast week Apple released its latest iTunes update to 10.0 – along with a brand new social network entirely for music. The network, called Ping, is the latest of web 2.0 social networks to hit the world wide web. Built entirely for musicians and music lovers, Ping is Apple’s way for fans to connect with their bands in a whole new way.

Pop stars Chris Martin of Coldplay and Lady Gaga have both endorsed the new network, promising to play an active role in Ping’s new social community. Ping members will be able to view music other friends purchase and will receive special playlists based on what users are listening to, similar to the Genius application. Looking to attend a Katy Perry concert in the near future with your friends? Ping will show upcoming concerts and allow users to purchase tickets to shows.


However, just like every good thing on the internet, there are already major drawbacks. Spammers have hit Ping like a firestorm, setting up fake artist pages and plastering the network with advertisements for “free iPhones” if you complete a survey. It’s a bit embarrassing for Apple, as they originally had zero spam filtering for the service.

Apple will find starting Ping up difficult if it does not allow connectivity between the other major social networks such as Twitter,, Facebook, and Myspace. Having a “walled” social network that’s not connected to other services will turn users away out of inconvenience.’s Michael Muchmore has a great in depth article that delves deep into Ping and helps users with a quick start guide to getting around the social network. From an initial look at the network, Apple is going to need bigger hook to keep its one million users active and away from Facebook.