Aussie Rockers The Presence: Showing A Strong Presence Both Online And On Stage

HHailing from the inner city suburbs of Sydney, Australia, The Presence produces a dynamic “rocktail” by mixing hard-hitting riffs, contagious beats and roof-raising rhythms. The Presence’s modern brand of rock is influenced by rock ‘n’ roll legends Status Quo, AC/DC, The Angels and Bon Jovi as well as some heavier stuff including Megadeth, Metallica and Nirvana.

The Presence writes, produces, promotes and performs its own original rock songs. The band is determined to be a pioneering artist in the modern era by using revolutionary digital tools.

The Presence in Radar Top 5

The band combines traditional methods with dynamic digital tools to promote its music and to build its fan base. It has its own website and utilises social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube and an array of additional online tools to extend its reach and to heighten engagement with fans. The Presence recently won its semi-final in the worldwide battle of the bands competition “Emergenza” by using Facebook to attract hordes of fans to the event. The four-piece rock group were runaway winners receiving the most crowd votes on top of sparking widespread semi-nudity and commanding a vociferous encore chant. The band has cranked up its promotional efforts for the Australian Final of Emergenza, on December 18 at The Metro Theatre Sydney, by creating a promotional YouTube video.

The Presence has also adopted a new-age strategy when it comes to releasing music. Instead of the traditional method of releasing albums, The Presence only releases singles. The band Marketing Advisor, James Chatman, says “We release songs individually in order to place more emphasis on each song. Instead of having one big album launch we have 12 big single launches. This enables us to generate more hype, publicity and profit per song than if we were to release an album.”

The Presence will embark on its debut European tour in 2011. So get your hardhats ready, because The Presence is coming to rock a roof near YOU.