Happy Holidays & Announcements For 2011

DDear readers of Dotted Music. This post is my humble “thank you” for all the support you’ve showed in 2010. It’s been a fruitful year, but the next 12 months are promising to become even bigger and louder for the Dotted Music world, and your feedback and your participation is what help driving things forward.

As a sign of appreciation and a hint to what to expect from our camp in 2011, I will send all subscribers of the Music On The Dot newsletter a free copy of the brand new Dotted Music ebook before it’s officially out in February.

This is a fresh, inspiring view on the Music Industry, which will boost your music career and, hopefully, become your reference book for insightful thoughts and ideas.

I will not reveal the name of the author, at this point, as well as the title of the book, but I’m sure you will enjoy the reading a lot. Also, I will not say if the ebook will be free or not – all you need to know now is that you will get it at no charge within the next two months. If you are not on the list yet, please subscribe for the newsletter over here, or in the sidebar on the right. We at Dotted Music care about our readers and normally send out newsletters not more than once a week (on Wednesdays).

What else? Next year will see the creation of a whole new project under the Dotted Music brand, aimed to be helping musicians for real (this was just the beginning). Stay tuned, more info on all our developments to follow.

Now, finally, what it’s all about during the last days of 2010: enjoy yourself and time with your family, and have a fantastic holidays – Dotted Music wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let 2011 become the most successful year for your music career.

Rock on,

Andrew Apanov