A Love For The Game

RRecently, Metal Blade Records announced a website dedicated solely to spreading the word of Heavy Metal to the masses, which they called Metal Blade TV: metalblade.tv. Metal Blade TV is a place for metalheads to go and see video interviews and segments from some of their favorite Metal Blade artists in addition to other notable metal musicians and bands.

Chairman and CEO of Metal Blade Records, Brian Slagel comments:

We are very excited about the launch of our own TV channel, Metal Blade TV! We are going to bring you not only content from Metal Blade artists, but from the entire world of Heavy Metal. We want to take you behind the scenes and see all the bands in a different way. Also there will be a lot of rare live video clips too! We really hope you enjoy this new venture from Metal Blade Records!

We Are The Fallen video shoot

What I also love about this idea is how Metal Blade looks to showcase metal from all over the scene on Metal Blade TV. From being one of the leading independent metal record labels, this shows a love for the game, which if you think about it, we are all fans of the game at heart.

Another fine example that comes to mind is Trustkill Records, and their involvement in the music scene running the website KillerTours.com. Such an upbeat and stylish website where you can find all of the latest tours, embed widgets of your favorite band’s upcoming shows, and there are also in depth CD reviews and interviews. You can just tell that the Trustkill guys have a love for the music scene as a whole, and will do anything to help spread the word. Killer Tours also sponsors tours, run ticket giveaways, and they help increases awareness for all involved.

Simply put, Killer Tours is the go-to-place to find all of your metal, hardcore, and punk shows. You’ll never be lost in the dark wondering when your favorite show is coming around. I mean, man, I’m always looking around for shows in the area, and a lot of the time you never know they are even there! Killer Tours is the perfect place to find the shows that you want to see. It’s an easy site to navigate through, and you can adjust the search engine to your local area, or to all around the globe. Seriously, go there right now, make a profile, and join in on all of the action. In the end, there’s nothing like a killer tour!