Dieselboy Talks Online Promotion Difficulties, Labels, Free Mixes

DDuring his recent visit to Kaliningrad, Dieselboy (Damian Higgins) – a cult American drum & bass DJ, producer, remixer, and founder of Human Imprint music label – gave an exclusive video interview to Dotted Music.

Dieselboy discussed the latest happenings in HUMAN and just launched at the time subHUMAN (dubstep focused) labels. Damian, who gained a worldwide recognition partly due to his famous mix CDs, also talked on how irrelevant traditional mix releases become, being replaced by online material. His new mix, Unleashed! (yet to be recorded at the time of the interview) is now available for free download at the Dieselboy Soundcloud page.

My main interest was, of course, his online and marketing activities. Damian sincerely shared the difficulties connected with maintaining numerous web profiles and websites, many of which have been registered under the Dieselboy name, instead of Human or personal “Damian Higgins.”

Other covered topics were Dieselboy’s promotional tools of choice, advantages of creating artist-centric mobile applications, and much more. Watch it below (or in a separate page, with annotations)!

The video was recorded at ‘Amber Beach’ open air, Kaliningrad region, Russia. Filmed and edited by Kathrine Apanova. Interview by Andrew Apanov.


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