Dotted Music: New Online Full-Service Music Marketing Agency

PPlattsburgh, NY, February 1, 2012 – Dotted Music LLC (Dotted Music) is very pleased to announce the launch of its online music marketing services. Now, all members of the music industry can benefit from a one-stop marketing agency that dynamically creates an array of highly personalized music marketing services.

Targeted towards music industry collaborators from any field, genre and in any stage of professional or artistic development, Dotted Music offers a wide range of services that will help artists and other collaborators connect to newer audiences and to continually expand their following. Music industry contributors that are looking to expand their online presence can get a customized quote by filling out a short form on the website.

Dotted Music LLC

Dotted Music Agency

Some of the services include: website design and maintenance, social media integration and design, copywriting services, press release preparation, advertising, electronic music distribution, logo design, direct-to-fan (D2F) services and many more. For a full list of services offered, visit

Dotted Music recently launched the website for one of its first clients: French-Russian dubstep trio PLAYMA. The trio is signed to Audioporn Records, one of the top dubstep and drum & bass labels in the UK. In less than two months, Dotted Music established a solid online presence for the band, using powerful D2F services such as Topspin.

Andrew Apanov, founder and CEO of Dotted Music stated, “I am very proud of this next big step in Dotted Music’s development and also very excited about all the things we are going to deliver to the world this year.”

About Dotted Music LLC

Dotted Music was founded by Andrew Apanov. He has worked as a project manager in mobile development and editor-in-chief at Andrew has years of experience in the music industry, specifically in social media marketing. Dotted Music is based in the United States, but is composed of a worldwide network of talented music marketing consultants delivering 24/7 well-tailored services with a trustworthy international expertise. Dotted Music is on its way to becoming a leader in online music marketing.

Stay tuned for more news about the Dotted Music agency!