Introducing Music Fan Gate 2.0

FFor a long time bands have been using so-called “fan gate” tabs on their Facebook pages for increasing the number of Likes. And this has always been making sense – you must give people a reason to like you!

To get more email subscribers, you give your audience something in exchange for an email. For Facebook, it’s absolutely the same – give your fans a compelling reason to click that “Like” button.

Earlier in 2012 Facebook introduced a global redesign, removing the ability to set your own landing pages. And it seemed like everyone forgot about fan gates. However, fan-gating is still an extremely effective tool to increase Facebook Likes. You just need to do it right – and now we have done it for you.

Music Fan Gate 2.0

Music Fan Gate 2.0 is a package of beautifully designed and easily customisable fan gate templates, as well as extremely detailed instructions on adding your very own fan gate tab to your band’s Facebook Page in under 40 minutes, even with zero technical and design skills.

Check out the details and see how this simple yet underused tool helped electronic music producer Davip get 10x increase in Daily Likes.

If you have any questions or want to better understand how this tool will work for you – get in touch via the contact form!


  • Looks like a great set of tools for indie musicians, and I am interested. But first I would like to see some links to Artist facebook pages currently using Music Fan Gate 2.0 – could you post some here? Thanks

  • Tracy, this is a great question and in fact we are adding a testimonials / examples section on the Fan Gate 2.0 page mid-next week! Collecting the links from the first users of the package now, here’s just one example:

    And we’ve got our own custom one: (this template is not included in the package, but we have a special bundle where we also create a custom tab design).

    Also if you want, we can jump on a Skype call next week so I can personally showcase the designs and features of the pack. Contact me via the website’s contact form.