E-marketing And T-Shirts With Goodfibres

WWe’re Goodfibres, a London-based t-shirt design site that sources all our designs from the international community, providing unique and funky T-shirt designs to the wider world, giving artists exposure and helping those in need along our journey; please do sit back and allow us to bring our story to you.

This article on Dotted Music has been brought to you in order to detail the trials and tribulations of Goodfibres in the wild wilderness of the web. The key points I’ll consider in this article are the marketing aspect of getting your site known among all the noise on the web, building traffic and marketing what it is you have to offer. We’ve experienced our fair share of pain in doing this, and feel it’s our duty to help others in that situation.

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The real challenge with Goodfibres is to let people know that we’re here and we have something different to offer. It’s likely that you yourself have entered the search for cool or funky t-shirts into Google, and no doubt you’re suprised at the sheer volume of results that are returned. Those you’ll find at the top of the listings are the ‘big boys’ in the t-shirt world, e.g. 8Ball and TruffleShuffle, and because they’re at the top of the search results they’re able to remain the ‘big boys’. Although very cyclical and frustrating, for us at least, I’m sure they welcome the process with open arms.

Due to the time it takes to achieve a good rank with the mighty G, we’ve taken to focusing on other channels that are perhaps more suited to our goals and what we’re aiming to achieve – we’re not looking to ignore search at all – one would be considered insane to ignore Google and organic search; but rather than re-creating David vs Goliath in the digital world (and this time losing), we’re taking to a number of channels that are perhaps closer to the goals and aims of Goodfibres.

One of these is guest blogging – what we’re doing now. This involves building relationships with sites that have a similar focus – hello Dotted Music! – and writing something to interest the users, trying to entice them to follow the links over to your site. This also has the knock-on effect of helping to raise rankings within search engines for specific terms.

In addition to guest blogging we dedicate a lot of our time and efforts to building up an active and interesting social presence across both Facebook and Twitter; we’ve found this to be particularly productive in being able to speak to our users, reach out and broadcast new designs without pushing the “hard-sell”, and ultimately engaging with our community.

Whilst we predominantly exist online, we’ve recently taken our marketing efforts offline as well, mainly in order to build a name for ourselves in the physical world, to create a following and most importantly to help support those like us – people in the position of having something to offer but needing the support to let the world know. That’s why we’ve chosen to demonstrate our love and support for the awesome Too Many Tees. You’ll find them donning our tees, and us cheering along. The way we see it is that both Goodfibres and Too Many Tees have something to offer the creative world, but in such competitive environments us up-and-comers need to stick together to rally against the dominant incumbents, so any way we can help them we’re more than happy to, and we hope the same applies vice versa.

Trying to gain traction on the web is an extremely daunting task, one that you need to embark on armed with bundles of research and know-how; even then it’s a never-ending task. I liken it to putting up a shop in the middle of a field and then trying to let people know you are there and to visit you. Just to make things a little more complicated and add an additional layer of confusion, you’ve got multiple channels to work with, monitor and commit to, e.g., affiliate, SEO, PPC, social media, emarketing, display, advertising etc. – the list seems endless. To effectively build your digital footprint and expand your reach, you’ll need to define which channel will work best for your site / product. Once you have in mind what you’ll be targeting, research, action, research, refine, action, and continue this process until you’re riding high on a wave of traffic and publicity. Once you’re at the peak of the wave – double your efforts and continue attacking your marketing strategy like a wild animal.

Essentially, the core of my advice is: link with sites that hold similar values/goals to you, define which channel to pursue with vigour, research the sector and apply your knowledge, research, refine and apply – rinse and repeat until you reap the sweet nectar of reward.

Matt Rhys-Davies is a Web Marketer based in London, UK.