Getting Better Indie Music Reviews

YYour band needs reviews. Your band needs to appear on reviews sites. The independent musician of today is going to need to be dependent on press, reviews, interviews and stories on everything from real magazines to web magazines, review sites to reviewer blogs and everywhere in between.

I see a good deal of bands that have a review section on their website or on social media sites that always are from their backyard and never that far away. That Seattle band for example that only has reviews from Seattle proper and about a 25 mile radius does not come off like a band that is anything more than a band that plays Seattle.

How Do I Get My Music Heard?

When you ask the question, How do I get my music heard? You should also ask, where should I get my music heard?

Why not reach out to a wider audience and other states or even other countries when you are going after getting better indie music reviews? This can help make you look a little more worldly in a sense. It gives you the appearance of more traveled group that is being heard by a wider array of fans and music industry people.

This can be done in emails and basic research very easily and requiring a limited amount of time. Do the research of different reviewers, review sites, review bloggers and email five a day with a basic template review letter that is personalized to the person or company you are reaching out to.

Getting indie music reviews is easier than you think, and the more you can build up for a wider mileage, the more that will be out there about you! There will be negative or bad reviews too but no worries. As a music consultant, I get asked how to get rid of bad reviews and I always respond, asking why. It is not bad to have bad reviews out there. It is more marketing. Your name, your album, your song is now out on another page or another site that it wasn’t on before.

Try it. It’s five emails a day and some research. Tell them why they should check you out, what you are about and go in to some basic detail to make some one want to check you out and possibly review you. Think about the fact that these people receive hundreds of requests, so make sure you do not sound like the masses in your email.

And again, the best music consulting tip I can give regarding reviews is to research and email out to five a day. You could easily find thousands and you never know which ones will give you a review or help you, your music or your website reach a whole new audience you have not been able to reach before.

Loren Weisman is an accomplished music producer, author and music consultant. He is the author of “The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business”, a book to help independent artists, musicians, bands, labels and managers achieve self sufficient and sustainable success.