Dotted Music Community Player Launched!

AAfter two weeks of the backend work – specifically, collecting music from the Dotted Music readers not minding their songs to be featured on the blog – we are finally revealing the Community Player!

This is the way to show our endless appreciation and respect to our audience, and provide the readers with some real support. The player, shuffling the songs with each load of the page, is now featured in the blog’s sidebar (you can see a bigger version below in this post), and everyone is eligable to be added to the playlist. By the way, we have also moved the Topics menu to the top nav bar to make the player more noticeable.

How to be added? Just use this form, follow the provided instructions, and you will almost certainly be added within 1-2 weeks.

The 10 artists included during the launch include (in no particular order): Dave Tamkin & Co., Bob Crawford, Al/Gore/Rhythm, Conor Ebbs, Baza, Buffalo Soldier, Desmond, Drunksouls, Madison Kane, and Porchdogs.

Check out the player below, listen to the Dotted Music readers’ music, and join the community!


  • Bob Crawford

    Good job, Andrew…I do appreciate the exposure…Jazz/funk lives…

  • bob Crawford

    By way of introduction, my
    name is Bob Crawford and I am a
    30-year veteran songwriter/composer, producer, guitarist, and arranger seeking music licensing opportunities
    in film, TV, product placement, ringtones, video games, etc.  Having
    been in the music industry for quite some time, I have a rather long track
    record, working with such varied artists as Larry Harlow, Jocelyn Brown, Maxine
    Brown, Mick Taylor, Ron Richardson, Carl Hall, Aztec 2 Step, Beverly Crosby,
    Loretta Devine, and Vondie Curtis-Hall in genres such Pop, Contemporary Jazz Instrumentals, R&B, Rock, Dance, Singer-Songwriter,
    and Folk idioms.

    1)      Here is the UPDATED version of my new
    website presenting my newly published, John Coltrane/Pat Martino-inspired music
    theory book “Symmetric Cycles” plus original music and other relevant
    information. “Sys”Symmetric Cycles” offers new ways of stretching the melodic and harmonic boundaries
    of Modal Jazz, Blues, Pentatonic Rock, Latin (Montunos, etc.) Reggae, World
    Music, etc., creating sound colors that will open your ears in ways you may not
    have experienced before. It also is extremely useful compositionally–  connecting chords in very unique ways, adding
    emotional sound colors to original musical works. As a teaching tool, I believe
    it to be very valuable for advanced students as well as seasoned players. You
    can preview several pages of the book on the website. 

  • Great Bob, thanks for providing more information – very appropriate and I encourage everyone on the list to do the same!

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