You’ve Got A Gig On! So What’s Next?

SSo, you’ve got a gig on! What’s next? Ask yourself some questions to get the most out of it…

Why Are You Doing the Gig?

  • To sell you CD or other merchandise?
  • To promote yourself?
  • Hoping to find some A&R people at the gig?
  • Or is playing your music a hobby where earning income is not important?

How Are You Going to Promote the Gig Before You Play?


Image credit: Erik Söderström on Flickr

  • Flyers? If so, how are you going to distribute the flyers?
  • Social Networking sites?
  • Forums?
  • Mates and ask them to spread the word around?
  • Blogs?
  • Newsletters?
  • Email?
  • Internet radio stations?
  • Printed Media? Newspapers, magazines etc.

What Do You Need to Do on at the Gig?

  • Make sure you have brought your CDs. Table Tent cards? Banner with name of your band and URLs to go behind you on stage?
  • Visible table with your merchandise?

What’s Next After the Gig?

  • Hand out feedback forms immediately after the gig.
  • Sort out all new email addresses you receive and thank those people for coming.
  • If anyone can add to the above list or to the checklist I have, then message me please. We’re all in this together.

Frank is passionate about the music scene at the unsigned level. He feels that unsigned musicians need to realise that more and more the onus is on them to do effective marketing and managing all aspects of their business. He regularly contributes to the Free From Gravity blog as the blogs there are hard hitting thus forcing bands to keep doing reality checks on how effective they are both in sales and marketing.