Digital Culture For Artists: #ArtistEngage Video Series

EEvery Wednesday in July and August, The Music Building in New York City had hosted an #ArtistEngage workshop series in partnership with CBGB Festival. It was geared towards full-time artists, musicians, stylists, writers, and designers, and was broken up into two phases – conceptual, lesson-based learning and collaborative creative learning.

Throughout the course the organisers had been building a community of creative people who engaged at their headquarters at The Music Building and carried the conversation online.

The topics included:

  • How to engage on social media
  • Defining a personal vision and timeline
  • To share or not to share? The importance of peer review
  • Measuring your value while holding onto your values
  • Collaborate and take it to the next level

You can watch the video recordings from the #ArtistEngage Series, which focused on some of the rising industry tech topics that the conferences going on at the CBGB Festival will cover, in the YouTube playlist below:

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