Stand Above The Noise: New Website Goes Live

DDotted Music launched the Stand Above The Noise video series last Autumn (and started filming back in July 2011), but there was one thing missing to really allow the project to stand above the noise: a proper website. Now, we are pleased to reveal the brand new

If you are not familiar with Stand Above The Noise, it is essentially a documentary-style interview series, filmed by Dotted Music’s Andrew Apanov and Katya Apanova. So far we’ve interviewed numerous independent musicians and music industry representatives (from Soundcloud, Universal, Live Nation, just to name a few) across Europe.

Even if you are not an artist or a music biz worker yourself, but enjoyed watching PressPausePlay, you will be interested in the series.

If you don’t want to miss a new episode (we release 1-2 per month), then please subscribe in the form at, as well as our YouTube channel.

New SAtN Website

New #SAtN Website