Frestyl: Berlin Music Event Discovery App

FFrestyl is a music event discovery app in Berlin. Starting today, September 4, frestyl is available for free download in the Apple App Store. With the iOS app the Berlin party-goers will get event recommendations from tastemakers (music experts) and locals; discover nearby concerts and parties; access exclusive special offers and keep track of the shows you don’t want to miss. The Android app will launch in October.

Event Page

Event Page

The developers (3 ladies with PhDs who love live music) state that the unique feature of the app is that it focuses on finding concerts you may love even if you’ve never heard of the bands before. A crowd ranking algorithm coupled with tips from tastemakers makes it easy to discover what’s trending locally, tonight. Powered by expert recommendations, users can hear directly from bloggers like überlin and Nothing but Hope and Passion, what the coolest events are in town.

Johanna Brewer, frestyl co-founder, “We are three music nerds and we’ve always been the friends that everyone calls for tips about the best concerts tonight. We built frestyl so they would stop asking us.” Very practical!

To kick off the service in Berlin, a guerilla campaign popped up (see video below) across the city highlighting the frestyl team’s top 5 shows from the indie festival First We Take Berlin. App users who come to the featured events on September 4 and 5 will get a beer on frestyl and something extra special if they bring a friend.

Launching during the busy Berlin music month of September, frestyl will help you discover events you’ll love all throughout the year (e.g. Ableton x KOMPAKT).

The Dotted Music team, attending Berlin Music Week, will keep an eye on the app’s launch. We will be publishing further reports and news on frestyl and other startups highlighted at the event.