Has Traditional Radio Lost Its Influence? #SAtN

AAnd if radio has indeed lost influence, what is replacing it then? YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify? Well, they are different, as radio implies passive music consumption and constant music discovery. The new format of radio is a “personal” online radio, with the most prominent services in this niche being Last.fm, Pandora in the US, and AUPEO! in Europe.

The Stand Above The Noise filming crew visited the AUPEO! office in Berlin in 2012 to interview Steffen Holly, the company’s CTO at the time, currently leading the business unit of Media Management & Delivery at Fraunhofer.

Besides clarifying the concept of AUPEO!, Steffen explained a difference between an on-demand streaming service (like Spotify) and a personal radio, mentioned the licensing challenges an online radio faces, and expressed his thoughts on why a traditional radio has lost its influence in the music scene.

00:00:34 – What is AUPEO!
00:02:59 – Challenges of running a music streaming service
00:05:46 – A difference between licenses for a radio and an on-demand music service
00:07:39 – What’s the role of a traditional radio

Do you think the terrestrial radio has lost its influence, or is it just as important?

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