MGT10: Try A Million Things Until Something Works – Jack Conte

JJack Conte, the “Internet musician,” is the founder of Patreon (which is like a crowdfunding platform, but for content creators), and is one half of the legendary Pomplamoose – one of the first bands to go big on YouTube.

In this We Spin Recipes podcast, Jack talked about his projects, YouTube, if it’s possible to replicate past success, tech trends, electronic music, and many other things.

Jack Conte

Jack Conte

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

  • Patreon: what it is, and who uses it.
  • Why it’s hard to replicate the Pomplamoose’s success.
  • Building audience on Vine.
  • Where to discover what can become “the next big thing” in the tech world.
  • New apps and start-ups Jack finds interesting: Facebook Mentions, Vine Uploader, YouTube Creator, SpoonRocket.
  • Michelle Fan being sued by Ultra.
  • When your video is flagged or claimed on YouTube.
  • How much Patreon brings to content creators.
  • Highlights of the current electronic music scene.
  • Being in a band vs. doing a solo project.
  • “Make lots of beautiful things”

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: