MGT12: Find Your Champions – Emmanuel Legrand

EEmmanuel Legrand is a London-based freelance journalist, blogger and media consultant, specialising in the entertainment business.

In this interview with Emmanuel, we continued the theme of promoting a musical act in other countries (something covered in the previous episode, with Martin Frascogna), and talked in details on the history and essence of publishing.

Emmanuel has presented one of the most clear and easy to understand explanation of publishing that we have seen so far. In this podcast, Emmanuel also talked on the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, why you need publishers, and who may be owning you money.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

Emmanuel Legrand On Publishing Trends And Importance Of Having A Team #Podcast

Emmanuel Legrand

  • Analysing circulation of European music repertoire within the EU
  • Tips on international music promotion
  • Importance of offline networking, and having a bullshit detector
  • Example of Lady Gaga, who didn’t do all on her own – she had a team
  • Why it’s tough for music business professionals to work with some musicians
  • Publishing for non-publishers
  • What to look after looking for a publisher
  • Don’t be afraid of people giving you advice
  • Latest publishing trends (and how they are related to YouTube)
  • Knowing different types of licenses and who may owe you money
  • Why you need to sign up at Soundexchange
  • Taking care of your meta data

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: