MGT13: Sync Licensing Insights From Epidemic Sound – Oscar Höglund

OOscar Höglund is the CEO of Epidemic Sound, a sync licensing company with a special concept.

In this We Spin Recipes interview, Oscar talks about what separates Epidemic Sound from other sync licensing companies, how the industry works, and what you can do to improve your chances of getting your songs licensed.

This We Spin Recipes episode was conducted by the Dotted Music editor Oscar Hjelmstedt at The Music Conference in Malmö, Sweden.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

Oscar Höglund

Oscar Höglund

  • Reasons behind creating Epidemic Sound
  • How the the sync licensing process works
  • Epidemic Sound’s concept and how the company works
  • The most important lesson that Oscar learnt from working with television
  • How Epidemic Sound curates the music and pays the artists
  • How the budget for the song requests is decided
  • Oscar’s biggest challenge as a CEO
  • What an artist can do to be more attractive for sync licensing companies
  • Why the company’s called “Epidemic Sound”

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: