MGT17: Leveraging Technology In Music Marketing – Michael Fiebach (Fame House)

MMichael Fiebach is the Founder and CEO of Fame House, an entertainment marketing agency with clients ranging from Eminem, DJ Shadow and Tiesto to Beatport and Ultra Music.

In this conversation, Mike talked to We Spin’s Cory Wolff on specifics of digital marketing in this day and age, importance of using the right tools, recent campaigns and content windowing.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

Michael Fiebach

Michael Fiebach

  • On working with DJ Shadow.
  • What is Digital Marketing, after all?
  • Time and marketing management with the right tools.
  • Shopify and other ecommerce solutions for artists.
  • Importance of keeping an eye on niche social networks.
  • Preorders and windowing music.
  • On running a Bittorent campaign for Pretty Lights.
  • The “Pay it Forward” model
  • On the U2 & Apple album premiere.

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: