MGT21: PledgeMusic, A Community Of Artists’ Superfans – Benji Rogers

BBenji Rogers is the President & Founder of PledgeMusic, an online D2F music platform allowing artists to pre-sell, market, and distribute their projects.

In our conversation for the WeSpin Recipes podcast, Benji talked on differences between PledgeMusic and crowdfunding websites (and why they don’t consider themselves as one), giving “superfans” an opportunity to spend more on you, and why artists should think like tech companies.

Listen to this 30 min episode to learn more not only about PledgeMusic, but the new ways to engage and monetise your fans.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

 WSR21: PledgeMusic, A Community Of Artists' Superfans (Benji Rogers)

Benji Rogers

  • What PledgeMusic is and how it’s different from crowdfunding platforms.
  • Preordering vs. rewarding.
  • Will it only work for an artist with an established audience?
  • Allowing fans to automatically share artists’ updates on their social networks.
  • Reconnecting with your fans through the PledgeMusic eco-system.
  • Two types of PledgeMusic campaigns.
  • Case studies.
  • What content to create and share for a successful campaign.

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: