BeatSwitch: Gig Organizer For Artists

IIf you’re tired of using multiple apps on different formats simply to plan a gig, BeatSwitch might be precisely what you need.

BeatSwitch is a new, cloud-based web app for artists, booking agencies and promoters. The app organizes a lot of essential things – contacts, riders and a gig schedule – in one place. Instead of combining Bandsintown with your mailing list and phone contacts, BeatSwitch’s got those respective features covered. Plus, the service is free for artists.

But the question is: how does it work? And is it useful even for small artist?

Beatswitch app screenshots

Beatswitch app screenshots

BeatSwitch works very much as a booking schedule: it keeps track of your upcoming gigs, among other things. The main features are booking, contracts, invoices, contacts, and users. However, it’s only the booking feature that’s relevant for an artist. The rest is mostly aimed towards – and used by – booking agencies and promoters. Perhaps that’s why the service is free for artists.

That’s not to say that the booking feature is undeveloped in any way; it’s detailed and organized: you can add accommodation, guest list, transportation, and pretty much anything that you can think of. Another handy thing is that you can send your itinerary form to your promotor which will provide all the information about the concert. This is especially useful for artists who are new to the music scene.

For the purpose of this review, I created a booking for my own band’s (imaginary) upcoming New Years Eve show at Wembley Stadium. I added Soundgarden to the bill, Dave Grohl to the guest list and made a note that the band prefers egg and bacon for breakfast.

A cool feature is that BeatSwitch can connect you with booking agents; you can search for booking agencies and send a request to them. BeatSwitch also has a mobile app (for both iOS and Android) which features venue information, gig schedule and more. Through the app, you have access to all your information. If unforeseen circumstances should arise, such as a flat tire on the way to a gig, you can get in touch with a relevant contact through the app.

Here’s the verdict: BeatSwitch is a great app for organizing your gigs and keeping track of your scheduled shows. It’s useful for artists with a tour ahead of them, but if you’re just doing one gig per month, you can do without it.

Oscar Hjelmstedt, editor of Dotted Music, is a writer from Sweden. Besides writing, he’s passionate about 90’s rock music and Tarantino-movies.


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