Feature.fm – Song Promotion On Streaming Services

FFeature.fm aims to provide up-and-coming artists with a way to get noticed. Will the service, founded by two Israel Defense Force officers who served in an elite unit, manage to breach the music industry with their platform?

Feature.fm logo

Feature.fm is a song promotion platform where artists’ songs gets played through music streaming services to a targeted audience, similar to promoted ads in search engines and social media.

When you create a campaign, you start by entering some basic information, then you upload the song (and enter information such as genre and relevant tags). After the song’s been uploaded, you get to target the audience that you want to reach with the song; you can choose from parameters such as location, genre, and age. The final part of the process is to set the campaign budget:

You set a budget for the campaign, choose for how long it’ll run and pick a daily limit. You pay for each stream until the limit has been reach (provided that the song has been played for more than 30 seconds).

The music services that Feature.fm currently partners with are 8tracks and EQuala Social Radio. One of the features that makes the platform stand out is its use of analytics, that includes info about the amount of plays, shares, social media engagement, graphs, and fan statistics.

Engagement stats

Engagement stats

Yet, the service launched very recently, and the number of their streaming partners is limited at this point (although 8tracks is bigger than many realize, being the 3rd largest streaming radio service behind Pandora and iHeartRadio). The Feature.fm founders told Dotted Music that they are working on adding more streaming partners in the near future.

Feature.fm offers a time-limited (to expire on November 3rd) $10 discount for the Dotted Music readers. Contact us here to claim it!

If you try Feature.fm out, let us know about your experience in the comments below!

Oscar Hjelmstedt is a Swedish journalist, student and bass player, with a passion for music and Tarantino-flicks.