The Gateway To Music Collaboration

TThe Internet is great at connecting people, but when it comes to finding your next musical adventure, things can get tricky. Where do you look for collaborators? How can you get in touch with a tour manager and so on?

Music Gateway sets out to connect you with music industry professionals and collaborators. However, does the service have the answers to your questions? Take a look at it to find out.

Through Music Gateway you can create and pitch on projects, allowing you to collaborate with musicians and people in the industry. Collaborations depends on your skills; When creating your account, you can enter the skills that you have, whether you’re a guitarist, blogger or social media entrepreneur. Music Gateway will then recommend certain projects based on your skills.

After you’ve made your account, you’re free to create and browse projects. The available projects are varied, ranging from “Looking for a tribute band” to “Opportunities in the UK for DJs”. Although the number of projects are limited to your skills and location (there are about 60 projects at the moment), there’s probably something that will interest you.

Music Gateway recently updated their project creation tool by adding many new project sections, location filtering, and allowing new users to create projects as they sign up. Creating a project is easy; you simply choose a project category and what you want to do (for example: Industry service > Hire a tour manager), then you’re onto the details.

Music Gateway projects

Music Gateway projects

In your profile, you have the option to upload material such as pictures, music and videos – things that showcase the best of your abilities. As a free account holder you’ve got five pitches per month, which is a reasonable number since many of the projects have specific terms. If you choose to upgrade your account you’ll get access to an unlimited amount of pitches. You can pitch on any project (besides the ones that are restricted to pro-members), but factors such as music genre, your skills, and location narrows down your options.

Overall, Music Gateway works well: The site looks good and runs seamlessly. My only complaint is that the amount of projects on the site aren’t that many yet. With more diverse projects, Music Gateway will surely provide work and opportunities for all kinds of musicians.

Oscar Hjelmstedt is a Swedish journalist, student and bass player, with a passion for music and Tarantino-flicks.


  • Sounds awesome!

  • What’s even more, Wespinners get special deals from Music Gateway, keep an eye on the announcements within the platform Brougham ;)

  • awesome! i’ll keep an eye out!

  • do you have any links to the deals there might be?
    or are they upcoming?

  • Upcoming!

  • ok cool thanks :)

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