Learning The Art Of Pitching Your Music With Budi Voogt

AA couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Budi Voogt while travelling to The Hague, Netherlands, where Budi and his music-empire-in-the-making is based. We’ve mentioned and worked with Budi numerous times on Dotted Music, whether it’s to cover his book about SoundCloud, or when we hosted him on the WeSpin Recipes Podcast.


The meeting with Budi was inspirational on many levels. First, it was great to see youthful ambition within the music industry, as his aforementioned music empire consists of two record labels (Heroic Recordings and Villain Recordings), the SoundCloud Bible e-book, and artist management services, notably for rising superstar San Holo. And second, we got to discuss Budi’s latest cool project, the Music Marketing Academy.

The Music Marketing Academy is an online school that teaches a plethora of topics revolving around increasing exposure and growing your audience. The Academy, offers an introductory three-video series for free, but Budi shared one of the videos from the full platform with us here, and it’s called the Art Of Pitching.

The video walks you through the best approaches to pitching your music, and includes a detailed outline of the pitching process, example release timelines, help with crafting a great pitch, and a number of dos and don’ts. There’s a lot to learn from the video, which is only a small insightful part of the whole academy.

Sign up for the free video series here.