How To Set Up A Rocking Music Twitter Profile

HHow to set up a Twitter profile if you are a musician, a band, a producer, a DJ or a record label – the way so a random visitor follows you, and so your account also converts?

Several months back I recorded a video lesson showing a number of Twitter profile hacks. It was for our music marketing training and community,, but then we also published it for free at the YouTube channel of our partner XSSR Academy.

Watch the lesson below:

Here are several tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep information on your Twitter profile up-to-date. When there is a new campaign (event, new record, music video etc.) – update your bio and Twitter header with an appropriate CTA and graphics.
  2. For the Profile Photo, use your photo (head shot) where possible. A logo is a solid alternative.
  3. You can create beautiful Twitter headers quickly and for free with Canva.
  4. You can find the current Twitter (and other social networks) graphics specifications at this location.
  5. A WeSpin formula for a great Twitter bio: Short Pitch (description of who you are in few words) + CTA (a call to action with a link) + Humor.
  6. Pin the most important content on your Twitter profile (consider pinning a rich media tweet, e.g. attaching a photo, or a YouTube or Soundcloud URL).
  7. Look at what bigger artists do on their Twitter profiles, but remember that their current goals are most probably different from yours.

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