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IIlpo Kärkkäinen, a.k.a. Resound, is a drum & bass producer, blogger, music production instructor, and the author of a new WeSpin course called “Smart Productivity for Musicians – Accomplish More as an Artist and Live a More Meaningful Life”.

In this anniversary WeSpin Recipes episode, Ilpo reveals the course he worked on for around 18 months, and talks about the topic of one of the Smart Productivity’s chapters – why musicians procrastinate. Ilpo goes over the six most common reasons behind procrastination, and solutions for overcoming them.

Listen to the show to learn why not all time you spend being “unproductive” is procrastination, how to understand when you do procrastinate, and then to overcome it.

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Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Ilpo Resound

Ilpo Resound

  • Why ALL musicians struggle with productivity in one way or another.
  • It’s impossible to “cure” procrastination: what to do with it instead.
  • Use your fear as a GPS showing you what to focus on.
  • How to deal with complex tasks.
  • Apply the “Just-in-Time learning” approach.
  • Ilpo’s secret way to motivate himself.
  • What difference taking care of your body and health will make.
  • Serving your body clock (improves your productivity).
  • Procrastination is a habit – treat it as such.

Listen to the episode below.

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