MGT55: Find A Perfect Music Video Creator At Radar Music – Caroline Bottomley

IIt’s never been easier to create a high-quality music video, with any budget you’ve got, thanks to a UK-based company called Radar Music Videos. Radar connects artists, managers and record labels (both indie and major) with music video creators from all around the world.

If you need a lyric, live, or official music video – post a brief, name the budget, and wait for pitches to come in. New video directors are scouted weekly, and it doesn’t cost you a cent as a commissioner.

The guest of this week’s WeSpin Recipes episode is Caroline Bottomley, the founder and CEO of Radar Music. On the show, Caroline explained how the platform works, talked on why a music video release is a more important event than the release of a record, gave tips on creating a perfect brief, and covered the topic of female entrepreneurs in the music business.

Listen to the podcast in full to learn why not to create too detailed video briefs, and what benefits of having a professional music video you may have missed.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Caroline Bottomley

Caroline Bottomley

  • Challenges facing women in the music industry.
  • Why music is much more fun than TV (and making short films).
  • What Radar Music does, with stats on the work done so far.
  • Tips on posting a brief.
  • How many pitches you can expect from a brief.
  • The role of a music video these days.
  • The latest Radar Music announcements (including an upcoming awards ceremony!)

Listen to the episode below.

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Show Notes: