MGT64: Make Streaming Work For You – Nikoo Sadr (Music Ally)

NNikoo Sadr is a Music Ally training and development manager. She writes for the company’s popular digital marketing publication Sandbox, runs her own events company Signs & Sounds, and is always up to date on the latest tools, trends, and growth tactics.

And this WeSpin Recipes episode is full of tools, trends, and tactics. The show’s guest, Nikoo talks about the specifics of Scandinavian music market, discusses strategies for succeeding on streaming platforms, and shares case studies… lots of real-world, insightful case studies.

Listen to the conversation in full to also learn what analytics tools Nikoo uses, and to claim an extended trial to Music Ally’s premium subscription.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Nikoo Sadr

Nikoo Sadr

  • “Most music listeners are quite lazy.”
  • Ways to optimize a record release for streaming platforms.
  • Nikoo’s thoughts on SoundCloud Go.
  • How to get a better visibility on Spotify.
  • Playlists on streaming platforms: still effective?
  • What to do with the data you collect.
  • Petter, Lukas Graham, Moones case studies.
  • What does Music Ally do?

Listen to the episode below.

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Show Notes: