MGT68: A New Tool To Simplify Your Demo Submissions – Paul Loeb (DropTrack)

PPaul Loeb is the founder and developer of DropTrack, a web service which helps artists to promote their music to record labels and industry tastemakers. Besides housing, tracking, and streamlining the process of music promotion for producers and bands – the platform allows record labels and DJs to manage demos and music submissions in a centralized location.

Paul Loeb

Paul Loeb

DropTrack is currently being used by over 6,000 artists and labels, including the likes of Tiësto and George Acosta, and new features are added frequently. Some of the current features include real-time analytics, integration with DropBox and SoundCloud, and individualized promo links and emails.

Not just an entrepreneur, but also an electronic music producer known as Really Cute Cats, Paul also talked on how his love (and allergy) for cats grew into an ecommerce business – and then a music act. Listen to this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode to learn more on that, and discover Paul’s tips on building your email list, networking, and growing a business as a one-man show.

Listen to the episode below.

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  • Jonathan Fischer

    Thank you for the podcast…and or your cat wearing bravery, Mr Loeb!
    Love those Russian Blues…