Becoming An Excellent Accompanist

8 Tips For Becoming An Excellent Accompanists Who Can Set The Stage On Fire

Read on for some valuable tips on how to become a skilled accompanist who can play quickly with well-known musicians.

David Mortimer-Hawkins

David Mortimer-Hawkins, Sony Music A&R: People Get More Used To An Experimental Sound

In A&R one has to keep an eye, or rather an ear, on what people are listening to nowadays. But one cannot follow what is popular blindly by copying it, authenticity and novelty are also important.

Mark Bounds

TIR Music’s Artist Health Checklist

Mark Bounds from TIR Music talks on an artist’s “health checklist”, the role of a manager these days, women in the music industry, and much more.

3rd Tsunami

3rd Tsunami: It’s About Your Approach To Music, Not Your Setup

An interview with Soren Mensberg and Anders Wind from the Danish agency 3rd Tsunami, for whom the creative attitude of the artists towards their music bears more weight than their equipment.

Katia Caroline Mosally

Katia Mosally, Universal Music: Focus On One Song At A Time

Katia Mosally, a Stockholm-based international product manager at Universal Music Group, talks about the challenges artists face in the current recording industry, and shares her thoughts on single vs. album releases.

Peter Hollens

MGT85: The Recipe For Building A YouTube Powerhouse – Peter Hollens

Listen to this podcast episode as Peter Hollens, an a cappella singer and producer who’s built a massive loyal following on YouTube and Patreon, shares what it took to get where he is today and what mobile apps he uses for promotion daily.