Jay Coyle On Why A Crowdfunding Campaign Is A Direct-To-Fan Campaign

JJay Coyle is the founder of Music Geek Services, as well as a former marketing executive at EMI Nashville, a Berklee Online instructor, and someone who has worked with a myriad of bands over the years as an independent music marketing and business professional.

Jay Coyle

Jay Coyle

Jay is also the author of the new Soundfly course called “Crowdfunding For Musicians“. The course combines instructional videos, step-by-step guides, downloadable resources, and more to help you build a successful campaign. You can enroll in that course, or any course at Soundfly, with a 20% discount using the WESPIN20 coupon code as a WeSpin Recipes listener.

In this podcast episode, Jay talks on occasional challenges of dealing with band managers, the types of clients he works with, and how brands should see crowdfunding as an opportunity to build a business – not as a bank.

Listen to the show to learn why exactly a crowdfunding campaign is in fact a direct-to-fan campaign, and much more.

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