Music Growth Talks
Ryan Kairalla

MGT103: Declare Your Independence As An Artist – Ryan Kairalla

Ryan Kairalla, an entertainment lawyer and author of the “Break The Business” book and podcast, talks about (not) trusting record deals, opening your own record label, new promising platforms for musicians, predictions for 2018, and more.

Janette Berrios

MGT102: How To Get Featured On Spotify – Janette Berrios (Symphonic Distribution)

Janette Berrios, a Director of Marketing at Symphonic Distribution, explains how you get featured on digital music stores and streaming platforms and shares lots of tips and tricks on getting the most out of Spotify as an artist.

Inflyte founders Paul McConnon & Paul Hamill

MGT101: Fixing Promo Music Delivery For Labels – Paul Hamill (Inflyte)

Paul Hamill, CEO of Inflyte, talks on how this music delivery platform has been helping their clients get more and better feedback on promo submissions, and shares outreach tips applicable to indie artists handling PR themselves.