About Dotted Music

Dotted Music isn’t the same old agency that claims to be the best. In fact, that’s not even what we strive for. What we strive for is an honest connection – a connection to the artists we work with and the art that they’re creating. We know that you have a passion and lust for what you’re doing and we want to help the world realize it just as much as you do. And we get it, because we here at Dotted Music are also artists. Consisting of a team of musicians, marketers, graphic designers, videographers and photographers, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your brand stand out. We believe in the artists we work with and we do absolutely everything in our power to ensure your voice is heard in this digital age.

With a blog that features posts by leading industry professionals, musicians, and even university lecturers, Dotted Music is at the forefront of the music industry conversation. Although web presence isn’t just textual. The launch of our Stand Above The Noise video interview series sees some of the leading music biz professionals enter the picture.

Maybe you aren’t quite ready to utilize our services but are still searching for more knowledge than our blog and videos have to offer. No need to weep and feel hopeless at this point… we have recently launched our extensive educational platform called We Spin. This service allows for you to really get into our minds and learn everything (truly, everything) you would need to know to launch yourself into the next steps of your career. You can trust the Dotted Music team to share our know-how with you.

So, feel free to read our bios below to get to know us better and search around the site for services we offer. You could even email, call or Skype us to connect directly. We truly do want to connect with you and hear all about your artistic creations and pursuits.

This is a personal invitation to join us. Let us connect the music industry dots for you.

Andrew Apanov | Founder, CEO

Musician's Web Keeper
Andrew Apanov

Deriving his verve for life and the music industry from the strong sea air of the Baltic, Andrew’s experience far supersedes the days of his childhood when his primary involvement in music was a talent for the accordion. Until 2012, Andrew spent eight years as the Editor and then Editor-in-Chief of Ultimate-Guitar.com, the world’s largest guitar website. His experiences had taken him from working with all four (at the time) major labels and Slash’s team, to the production of chart-topping mobile music apps.

During the same time, Andrew graduated from Kaliningrad’s Technical University where he also co-organised several dozen electronic music events (and DJed at all of them), bringing and playing on the same stage with most of his favorite drum & bass artists within a five years period. He was also a radio host at both an internet and local pirate FM radio station, then a band manager and marketing instructor at his friend’s music academy.

Opening the Dotted Music blog in 2009 changed Andrew’s priorities for good, and now he dedicates 100% of himself to helping musicians be heard (online, particularly). Besides working on the blog and the agency, in 2013 he launched an educational platform and community for electronic artists called We Spin, as well as Stand Above The Noise – a video series for indie musicians, directed by his wife Katia. Not limiting himself to the music world, Andrew is mastering the art of Instagramming his cat Hank and exploring craft breweries in Poland, where he moved to in 2013. Find out more about Andrew’s story in this blog post.

Frederic Sahyouni | COO

Up On The Road
Frederic Sahyuoni

Fred comes to Dotted Music with more expertise in the business world than the rest of the team combined. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and years of experience as the CFO of a gold mining exploration, there is nothing that this whiz can’t handle. His management of financial and marketing aspects is what keeps this company afloat.

After living his whole life in Montreal, Canada he has recently taken a leap and decided to journey the world while working from the road. His travels have brought him to China, Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand, and many more. These travels are offering us something special as he is able to write about the experience living in different cultures and share them with the Dotted Music readers. Follow Fred’s personal travel blog, Up On The Road (link below), and become as envious as us that we can’t join him on his travels.

In his spare time, Fred likes to think that he was a Beat poet in a past life, attending jazz performances in small New York and San Francisco bars in the 50s.

Cory Wolff | CMO

Good Music & Good Business

Cory’s passion and enthusiasm for music propelled him from humble beginnings. A native of Scranton, PA and the youngest of four brothers, Cory had a lot to prove.

In describing his first musical inclinations, Cory calls himself a “wannabe musician”, and could be found trying to play his guitar, often giving unsuspecting family and neighbors a taste of his early musical prowess. Despite Cory’s clear interest in music, his curious nature led to exploration of multiple career paths. He was intrigued by astronautics and considered a career in planetary geology. In college, he founded his own web development company, XI Studios. Further adding to his range of achievements, Cory continued to pursue yet another endeavor, working in the Culinary Arts. Climbing the ladder of culinary success, he became one of Philadelphia’s finest, eventually earning the title of “Chef de Cuisine”, serving his innovative creations to the city’s fussiest foodies.

Although he had reached multiple levels of personal and professional success, he knew there was still a problem. Music was missing. With this realization he came to a turning point. Armed with his acquired knowledge of business and management, and a renewed sense of purpose and passion for the music industry, Wolff began working as an Artist Manager, in collaboration with a Pennsylvania Hip-hop artist, Aayu. In 2010 Wolff co-founded Everyone You Know Entertainment, an independent record label based in Pennsylvania.

When he is not working, Cory can be found sitting in on Scranton’s local music marketing panels, enjoying outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, or kicking back on clear nights to star gaze. With a vast professional background, sought after expertise and an internal drive for excellence, Cory has proven that Scranton, PA has much more to offer than the T.V.’s “The Office”.

Leonid ‘lgcl’ Udovenko | Graphic Designer

Less Words, More Action

Our graphic designer doesn’t like talking about himself, at all. And we are more than fine with his modesty, as his work truly speaks for itself. More than just a brilliant graphic designer and typography fanatic, Leonid is also a professional graffiti artist.

Jonathan Fisher | Social Media & Community Manager

Music for the club. Music for the hood. Music for the soul.

Jonathan’s main passion lies in making music in Ableton Live and DJing. He is currently situated in Stellenbosch, South Africa and is soon to be living in the heart of Cape Town where he is slowly but surely building a name for himself as a producer, and gigs regularly.

He also gets excited about art, fashion, communication, social media, marketing and the future. Alongside working for Dotted Music, making music and gigging, he is also a marketing student. His position at Dotted Music/WeSpin can be best described as online networker and communicator. He also enjoys a good gourmet burger, a good beer and experiencing his favourite acts live.

Oscar Hjelmstedt | Editor

The Right Man For Writing
Headshot, Oscar

Oscar hails from Malmö, in the south of Sweden. He’s highly passionate about music, movies and writing. He also studies English and therefore likes to think that he has a way with words, meaning that he tries to cram as much wordplay as possible into conversations. When he’s not writing or studying, Oscar plays bass in the rock band Falling Atlas. By writing for Dotted Music, Oscar wants to inform, help and entertain musicians and people in the industry.

Anastasia ‘Lin’ Komleva | Web Designer

Photography & Design

Anastasia is the designer and developer behind Dotted Music’s web presence and numerous clients’ projects. A web and flash designer and developer by trade, Anastasia is also a photographer in her spare time.