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Pimp Your EPK [Free Webinar]

On Wednesday, April 10th, I’m hosting a free webinar called “Pimp Your EPK,” where will demonstrate you some very practical recommendations on improving your electronic press kit.

D2F Webinar

Going D2F To Sell Music Online [MP3]

So what exactly does that “Direct to Fan” thing mean to you, the artist willing to establish a successful music career? Grab the free recording from our recent webinar inside the post!


Dotted Music Case Study: PLAYMA

Dotted Music is more than a blog, we are a design and marketing agency. Why not to show off some of the cool stuff we’ve been doing in the last year over here? Spot our new showcase series, and share your thoughts in the comments!

D2F Webinar

Going D2F To Sell Music Online [Free Webinar]

You’ve surely heard a lot about going “direct to fans” and building your own fanbase as, basically, the most reliable ways to establish your music career these days. But how exactly does it help you sell more music?

Music Fan Gate 2.0

Facebook Marketing With Music Fan Gate 2.0 Explained [VIDEO]

If you have been with Dotted Music for at least a little while, you have heard about our Facebook Music Fan Gate product. Even if so though, it doesn’t guarantee that you clearly understand what a Fan Gate is…

Bobby Owsinski

Bobby Owsinski On What’s Getting Us Closer To ‘Music 4.0′ [Dotted Music Talks #01]

Andrew Apanov’s interview with Bobby Owsinski, a music industry veteran and the author of “Music 3.0″ and 16 other books on audio recording and mixing, as well as the music business.