Katia Caroline Mosally

Katia Mosally, Universal Music: Focus On One Song At A Time

Katia Mosally, a Stockholm-based international product manager at Universal Music Group, talks about the challenges artists face in the current recording industry, and shares her thoughts on single vs. album releases.

Ignite EP

Candice Russell’s Secret To Crowdfunding Success

When American singer-songwriter Candice Russell needed money to promote her new EP “Ignite,” she turned to Kickstarter. She asked for $5,000 and not only reached her goal – she received over $10,000.


Muzicol: Emerging Stages, Emerging Markets (NMS ’15 Report)

In this NMS ’15 Report, I met to Michel, the founder of Muzicol, a company designed to fix the music industry – and offer little guys like me a shot at bigger things.

The Hitmakers on Songwriting - An NMS 15 Report

The Hitmakers On Songwriting: James Adam Shelley & Jonnie ‘Most’ Davis Talk Shop

In the halls of The New Music Seminar, there was the guy who had written the song – Best Day of My Life – the remarkably chill James Adam Shelley, and his extroverted publisher, Jonnie Davis…

J. Gibson

Rumblefish Explains How They Protect And License Your Music

Many independent artists are confused by this, and some of them can’t figure out what the purpose of Rumblefish is. J. Gibson was nice enough to sit down with Cory Wolff and clear up a few things.

Jeremie Varengo

The Challenges African Artists Face: An Interview With JTV Digital

We asked Jeremie Varengo, the founding president of JTV Digital, a number of questions on the current state of music distribution as well at JTV Digital’s work with African Artists.