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How to Stay Healthy When You’re On Tour

One of the most important things you can do for yourself as a performing artist is to stay healthy. Here are a few tips to help you along.

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Why Some Artists Fail And Others Succeed

By knowing what separates indie artists that succeed from artists that fail, you can avoid the pitfalls that can keep your career from moving forward!

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Playing A Gig When You’re Sick

It’s the day of a gig, and you’ve woken up with a sore throat and feeling horrible. You spend the morning drinking orange juice, pounding cold medicine like it’s candy, and begging your friends on Facebook for suggestions on how to make this go away quickly.

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How To Settle Band Disputes

Sometimes disputes can make or break a band, but without them positive change can be difficult, so the art of compromise and democratic decisions is key in settling band disputes.


Being An Artist In The 21st Century

The only territory worth exploring as an artist is the area without the map – the place where you need to lead the way. Art is about the new, the fresh, the exciting.


Vivienne Westwood: Quintessential Music-Fashion Bond

Dotted Music turns its attentions to the ethos of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood in our latest video recommendation concerning the bond between the fashion and music industries.