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How To Practice Guitar Exercises Effectively

Most musicians do not have a shortage of “things to practice” on guitar. The problem that I see many guitar players run into is not knowing how to organize all of their guitar exercises into an effective guitar practice schedule that moves them towards becoming better musicians.


Free Spotify Invites For Dotted Music Readers

Chevrolet Sonic has teamed up with Spotify to bring those of you who live in the US music in a whole new way. Dotted Music has a number of free invites, and is giving them away!

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Internet’s Effect On Music

There is an abundance of articles online, detailing the many ways in which the music industry has fell victim to villainous pirates. Some might call it propaganda. However, the internet is breathing life back into an otherwise stale industry.

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Why Album Ratings Need To Die

“Don’t forget to rate [insert album/movie] at the bottom of your article.” It’s one command, by an editor I worked for, that irked me with no avail. It’s funny how everything in this world can be boiled down to the traditional academic system that emblazons a permanent number on your head.

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Influence And Responsibility

As an artist who performs in public, you want people to pay attention to you. That’s how they become fans. But in chasing this, whether you realize it or not, you put yourself in a position of influence.

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Download Festival: Home Of Rock N’ Roll Or New Home To Mainstream Advertising?

It is no surprise that festival goers drink copious quantities of alcohol. Nobody likes to party and drink more than rock and rollers. The alcohol industry far from oblivious to this fact, and alcohol is being pushed more and more into this ‘arena’.