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How To Tour. Part 1

The point of this guide is the educate and inform those of you who’ve never hit the pavement in a van full of gear in pursuit of making it big. It’s often a long, arduous, and smelly journey but you get addicted and will want to do it again the second you get home.

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11 Things That Can Lead To The End Of Your Music Career

It’s important to realize that sometimes we get so caught up in the creative side of things that we fail to see the small telltale signs of trouble brewing. Then one day we look up and realize that something is dreadfully wrong.

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The Fork In The Road For Technology Companies In The Music Industry

The technology companies that share a love for music have been patiently waiting to drop bombs of innovation from their B-2’s behind the stone curtain walls of the recording industry.

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Are You A Broke Musician? Apply To Starbucks

Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to be backed by a major record label, chances are that you can’t afford to ignore the necessary and looming evil in a musician’s life that we all know as money.

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Tips For Hiring Music Industry Consultants

It is important to keep in mind that not all people with experience are really experts or make good consultants. There are many things to be aware of and to look for when considering hiring an industry coach or consultant, regardless of what area of the business their expertise is in.

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Music Career: For Love Or Money

“It bothers me that it all comes down to a question of what sells instead of what you like personally and what you’re capable of doing in terms of composition and technicality. That ticks me off!”