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Three Simple Tips And Tricks To Promote Music Using Video

As an artist, it is important to make the most of what you have. Taking control of where and how you publish is important – and what is more important is publishing in video format across all platforms. Here are some ideas on how to create great video content yourself.


Booking More Gigs by Getting Creative with Nontraditional Venues

If your band is going on tour, chances are there are a lot of people you will need to get in contact with, especially if you’re booking the shows yourself.


How To Effectively Integrate Facebook Event Marketing

If you’re a young artist who’s new on the scene, you won’t be able to make it anywhere in the music world if you can’t draw people to your shows and performances. For many younger artists, Facebook events are primarily the way they bring people out to such showcases.


How We Crowdfunded $18K With No Experience Or Fanbase, Phase 5: Launch It And Make Everyone Y’all Know Cry

Here’s who to reach out to, how, and when once your campaign is live.


How We Crowdfunded $18K With No Experience Or Fanbase, Phase 4: Handle Logistics, Create Your Project & Get Feedback

Whereas most people would register for their crowdfunding platform as their first step, I prefer to come in with all of the critical elements.


How We Crowdfunded $18K With No Experience Or Fanbase, Phase 3: Craft A Story That Will Make Your Audience Cry

Before you go sign up for Kickstarter, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo or whatever platform you will use, write your story.