Why should I write a biography?

Write A Biography And Tell Your Tale

Whether you’re looking for a job in retail, you’re thinking of putting together a long and winding list of memoirs, or you’re indeed in a band, selling yourself to your target audience is absolutely essential.


Why Snapchat Is A Major Marketing Opportunity In The Music Industry

Read on to find out why you should be on Snapchat and how it is fast becoming a major marketing opportunity in the music industry.


Learning The Art Of Pitching Your Music With Budi Voogt

The video walks you through the best approaches to pitching your music, and includes a detailed outline of the pitching process, help with crafting a great pitch, and a number of dos and don’ts.

Manhead Merch

Making More Out Of Your Merch

In this day and age musicians should be looking for any way they can to increase their merchandise sales. Chris Cornell from Manhead Merch shares these three simple tips to help bands develop their image.

Google Analytics

5 Tools Used By The Pros To Kick Start Your Music Marketing Efforts On A Budget

Marketing your music is a daunting and time consuming task, with a lot of conflicting information on the best practices. Here are five tools used by the pros that you can use on a budget to start marketing your music today.

Musician's Checklist Gigging Tips

Musicians’ Checklist: 23 Little Things That Will Help You Nail Your Next Gig

Landing a great gig is hard work, so follow these tips to make your big show a big success. We’ve put together 23 little things you can do a week before, a day before, the day of, at the show, and the next day!