Taylor Swift with fans

Content Marketing For Artists (Taylor Swift Case Study)

Read on to learn more about the basics of proper Content Marketing and how other successful artists (like Taylor Swift!) do it.

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How To Protect Yourself When Marketing Your Music

Protecting yourself online is an essential part of marketing. These five steps are a great place to begin to ensure you and your music career are secured.

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Musikee: Rewarding Your Fans’ Engagement

There are plenty of services out there that enable you to engage with your fans. But in most cases, gaining a new fan simply means getting a “like” on you Facebook page. The new direct-to-fan platform Musikee aims to change that – by rewarding your fans.

Why should I write a biography?

Write A Biography And Tell Your Tale

Whether you’re looking for a job in retail, you’re thinking of putting together a long and winding list of memoirs, or you’re indeed in a band, selling yourself to your target audience is absolutely essential.


Why Snapchat Is A Major Marketing Opportunity In The Music Industry

Read on to find out why you should be on Snapchat and how it is fast becoming a major marketing opportunity in the music industry.


Learning The Art Of Pitching Your Music With Budi Voogt

The video walks you through the best approaches to pitching your music, and includes a detailed outline of the pitching process, help with crafting a great pitch, and a number of dos and don’ts.