Think Like A Record Label

Get Your Music Heard By Record Labels

“How do I send a demo to a record label?” is one of the most common questions we get asked at WeSpin, our music growth training platform and community. So I sought out to answer it.


The Definitive Guide To Coordinating A Show

Creating opportunities to play is not only a smart thing to do in today’s music landscape for any independent artist – it’s a requirement. Your own success and the success of others rely on having good quality opportunities to play and they won’t always come to you. You might have to create them.


How To Set Up A Rocking Music Twitter Profile

How to set up a rocking Twitter profile if you are a musician, a band, a producer, a DJ or a record label – so a random visitor wants to follow you, and so your account also converts.

Imagine Dragons. Photo credit: Hayne Palmour IV

Using Casinos As A Springboard For Your Music Career

Making a name for yourself is all about exposure, and when it comes to exposure, booking gigs is still of paramount importance.


7 Winning Social Media Strategies To Promote Your Music

Here are 7 winning social media strategies that can help promote your music/band or yourself.

Reasons Why People Will Share Your Music Video

Reasons Why People Will Share Your Music Video

You hit 2000 views…and it stays that way…for a long, long time. But the video was SO GOOD! Bummer. When you don’t have a budget for marketing, your product needs to speak for itself. It’s the least you can do!