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Starting A Band: The Basics

Here, I’ll be telling you how to get started, get serious, and get going with your (no doubt) illustrious career, with examples from a hefty number of bands I’ve had the pleasure of either knowing or being a part of. And even if you don’t get anywhere, hey, maybe you’ll get laid.

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Why You Should Stop Looking For A Record Label

We’ve all sat at work fantasizing about that phone call from Universal offering you a million dollar advance! The reality is that labels no longer take shots with a band based on a demo track. Yet bands are still sending demo after unsolicited demo to companies and waiting by the phone.


Fire Your Slacker Band! Part II: Get Your Act Together

Last week I yelled and ranted in a typical Josh style about some of the lousy times I’ve spent in bands – and why I decided to embark on the path of a solo musician and one-man band. The first installment of this series was the introduction, and the road map. Now we’ll start getting into details.

Josh Urban

Fire Your Slacker Band!

If you’ve spent one too many band practices in a smelly basement wondering where the singer is (turns out it might be jail – true story!), and you’re at the end of your rope, fear not! Step right up, and read why it’s a super duper great time to be a solo artist.

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Make More Money With CD Sales

If you’re like most musicians, you want to make money selling your music, and while digital music delivery (like iTunes) continues to grow rapidly, selling your music on CDs is still the easiest and most profitable choice for most musicians.

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Benefits Of Being An Indie Musician

The opportunities for indie artists have never been greater. And yes, the waters on how to be successful have never been murkier, but that’s only because there are so many wonderful options to pursue, avenues to follow, methods to use and results to achieve.