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Strategic Marketing Ideas To Sell Your CDs

As an independent musician, you are the person responsible for marketing your CDs to your fans. This can take a lot of time and energy, but if you work smarter, you may be able to maximize your efforts so you don’t have to spend all your time trying to get those CDs sold.


You Are A Product, Sell Yourself!

So you’ve got the perfect song written, recorded and ready to launch to the world. The only thing that’s missing is you! There are thousands of artists making great music, but what really makes a band stand out is the band themselves.

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Making Low-Budget Viral Music Videos

The digital media revolution has changed the music industry. The emergence of YouTube, now the second largest search engine on the web, has given small-time artists the opportunity to become international superstars overnight. But exactly how can musicians successfully leverage video sharing technology?

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Fire Your Slacker Band! Part IV: Basic Recording

At this point in the articles, we’ve established a project, written a few songs, got some cool words to sing (if that’s what we’re into), and we’re ready to rock, right? Hold on, soldier! We need some gigs, fans, and downloads.

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Tips On Being Your Own Concert Promoter

Some artists work tirelessly to book themselves in all kinds of venues. Others have developed enough of a following that they are now in demand and the venues come knocking on their door. But there is also a 3rd kind of artist…


Fire Your Slacker Band! Part III: Songwriting For Rock Musicians

This installment furthers the cause of what I call the evolution of teaching. That’s right – learning from my Neanderthal mistakes puts you further along the path of musical evolution and enlightenment. After singing, this next topic was my biggest obstacle as a musician!