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RIAA: Google Don’t Combat Illegal Search Results

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has said that Google refuses to combat the priority its search results give to illegal sites.

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Future Music Business Models: A Response

According to many music industry insiders and commentators, three major future business models are emerging within the music industry. Drawing on a 1 March blog post by Million Media founder Neil Cartwright, Dotted Music Editor Samuel Agini discusses and elaborates on the discussion surrounding them.


Spotify: Is It Good Or Bad For Musicians? [POLL]

It’s been quite few months since the launch of Spotify in the US, yet debates on this music streaming service don’t show real signs of slowing down.

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Reflecting On Whitney Houston Past and Future

Whitney Houston’s talent endeared her to the music industry, ranking her among its most treasured artists. But can the tabloids, bloggers, and record labels resist the temptation to exploit Whitney’s tragedy?

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The World’s Biggest iPod Docking Station

Behringer’s big iPod docking station, the largest in the world, is highly coveted; but with a price tag of $29,999.99, who’s buying?


Subtext And Confusion: The RIAA’s Blog

A seemingly innocent blog post on the RIAA’s website serves a more subtextual agenda; but is it as clear as the RIAA would have us think?