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Subtext And Confusion: The RIAA’s Blog

A seemingly innocent blog post on the RIAA’s website serves a more subtextual agenda; but is it as clear as the RIAA would have us think?

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Get The Best Help From A Music Licensing Company

Whether your field is rock or rap, the music licensing companies connect you with leading brands in the circle. Since competition is higher in this field, struggle to get the first seat is tedious too.

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Music Download And Stream, Neither Black Nor White…The ‘Grey Spot’ Is Taking Over

As a music manager I frequently get confronted with the question if I am pro or against illegal and/or free music download and streaming…

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EMI Chiefs’ Lost Bonuses, Digital Gains, And Vinyl Relics

Although Dotted Music will always support digital music sales, it’s important to note that there is a lot of work to do before the music industry can be said to have adapted to technological pressures.

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Napster’s Long Shadow: Copyright And Peer-To-Peer Technology

In a recent article, entitled, “Napster’s long shadow: copyright and peer-to-peer technology”, published in the Oxford Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, Nick Scharf, a PhD candidate at the University of East Anglia, examines the fallout from Napster.


Sample Copyright: The Executioner Of Hip-Hop

‘Sampling’ is understood on a variety of different levels. Some see it simply as ripping a track off from its previous success, an easy option to make money in a difficult industry to do so.