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Lessons from EMI: Market Concentration

But it was Dotted Music all the way back in July who framed the story in relation to the market as a whole. In an article dating to 15 July I made the inference that any sale would have to clear regulatory laws regarding market concentration.


Universal Music Could Make EMI Bid

But it seems that if Citigroup’s sale strategy is to sell off the label in pieces, the inevitable outcome will be an increased market saturation. The question, now, is not whether Citigroup will sell EMI in pieces, but just how many pieces this will constitute.


EMI: Music’s Long Running Joke?

Is there any viable solution to the crisis at EMI?


Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Announces Nominees

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation has announced this year’s nominees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The award, held annually, is considered among the most prestigious in the industry today.

a7x call of duty

The Music Industry: Utilising Videogames

Dotted Music’s latest columnist – Alexander Goodenough – will discuss the relationship between the videogame industry and the music industry in the first installment of his column.


BMG: Racing to Buy EMI?

With the much anticipated auction on everybody’s mind, who is going to bid for Citigroup’s EMI?